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Ken Thoreson

Building Organizations Through the Development and Execution of Strategic Business and Sales Management

We jump-start early-stage companies. We turn struggling companies around.  We help global corporations grow market share.

Our programs, systems, processes, and metrics illuminate, motivate, rejuvenate and  enhance the performance of the entire organization.

Call Acumen if:
you want to motivate your team…
you want to grow faster and more profitably…
you’re short on time and long on frustration…
you lose too many opportunities to competitors…

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Ken Thoresen, Acumen Management
Platform Services

Consulting Services

Sales Mgmt Training

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Platform Services

Inspirational, motivating keynotes,
workshops and web seminars are
designed to stimulate and increase
 the effectiveness of management
and sales leadership, as well as the
entire organization. Acumen’s
real-world message focuses on
discipline, accountability, fun
and personal commitment.

Consulting Services

Acumen is defined as a keenness of
perception in practical matters. Our
professionals have the real-world
experience to understand our
client's questions, issues and
challenges, and the insight to
positively impact their environment
and results. We are focused on
creating winning sales leadership
strategies through sales leadership
coaching, sales management
training and other services, and
committed to ensure they
become operationalized and
brilliantly executed.

Sales Mgmt Training

Ignite Your Sales Team:  
Sales Management on Fire!

Sales Leadership Video On Line
Training Programs

5 hours of sales management
strategies and tactics that will
impact your sales organization
and your life! Each course has
been designed in bite size
increments with quizzes and
work guides to ensure a true
learning experience. Ken brings
his 25+ years in sales leadership
and consulting to you through
these learning modules. Not
only are the concepts proven,
but you will see, hear and use
tools, tips and materials to
increase the level of your

Watch on your PC, Tablet
or Phone, anytime, anywhere.
Take advantage of this
opportunity now and watch
how your sales organization
becomes proactive, quota
busting and self-managed.
Purchase the entire series,
individual modules or selected

HINT: check out the Mentoring
option if you want direct
coaching on your sales
management challenges or
you have questions on the

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